Sustainability in the Music Industry


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I dated poorly but married well. LOL. I imagine, beside hard work, there is a certain amount of luck, then knowing people and being right time and place (sure seemed so in my non-music career). I think a music career (professional or academic) is a tough row to hoe as the saying goes.


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Same as in motor racing!
Ohhh man. Raced motocross against the same batch of dudes all my life. I was low-middle class and they were low upper class. They were always on the newest stuff, I was always some "killer craigslist deal". Bike setup and aggression only went so far once I had to lose my evenings usually spent training to a part time job. Final straw for me was when one of them started getting support from a local store that I had also reached out to. Kinda had that, "well I could kill myself trying to beat these guys and still probably not ever qualify for National races or I could play drums and drink whiskey".


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I tell my aspiring musician students the same thing now as I did 30 years ago:

to be good at what you do, you have to fully commit to it. Fully. You have to sift out what is fluff and commit 100% to what is real. Whether it is being a musician, a nurse, a chemical have to delve into the history of it. The tenets that make up the job. You have to socialize in the right groups and press the right flesh.

In the end, what you become is what you truly fully commit to.

My example: as a young'n, I wanted to be a drummer for a living.. I didn't know quite how, but I knew it was going to involve drums. Just out of high school, I was "talked into" going into architecture by family, friends and society. So I signed up for Architecture in college, and spent every waking moment I then failed out of architecture school, and got on my real career

And I never EVER thought I would end up teaching, but before I knew it, I had spent 10 years building this percussion program at my high school...and it was doing well. And turning into a "world" of it's own. I had not realized that the Fates - and my lack of being fully aware of it - had steered me in the direction I should have been going all along.

And now I am 30 years into this thing and it is a NO BRAINER that this is what I was meant to do. But it is not what I originally thought I would have been doing for sure!!

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In acting there's work called 'surveys.' It's mostly word of mouth but I think some management agencies are in too, but it's cash work taking surveys and being focus groups- stuff like that.
I don't know if musicians have anything like that. I suppose we can do busking. Some of the guys that used to post here did voice work to support their home studios. If you just like banging on stuff, you can get work in construction demolition. My Mom used to do transcription from voice tapes for university. She always listened to music while working and keystroked along with the rhythm.