Survey: How many unused heads do you have laying around?


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Ok, so again I request your feedback for my own education. Here's the scenario:

On my DW 14x5.5 Collectors maple snare, after the stock Ambassador (DW issued) I tried the HD Dry. Well, that head was just too dark. Yeah I know...but sometimes you just gotta try it.
Placed on shelf. Next tried the Aquarian Response 2 - no go. But it did sound good on the 14" floor tom. Next tried the ST. Nice crack, just a little too much ring for my studio work. Perfect for live shows. Finally got the plain HD. Perfect for my needs (with just enough ring and nice crack).

So laying on the shelf is the HD Dry and ST intended for the DW Collectors snare.
BTW, in my studio I don't use moongel because I use drum mutes most days for quiet practice.

Oh...just remembered I also have an HD Dry for my 13" tama artwood sitting around.

What unused or wasted heads do you all have laying around?
If you could, please let me know what drums they were meant for.

Or maybe you guys just hit the head right on the mark each time?



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I just threw out a stack of old heads that I knew I wouldn't use anymore. The stack was over 4 feet high. They were all me experimenting with different heads. Wish I had all that cash back. I used to experiment with full sets of heads. Waste of dough.

After all is said and done, I settled on clear single ply heads, and a 2 ply coated on my snare, Emad 1 on my kick. Right where I started basically.

Simple is where it's at for me.


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Without counting, I’d say around a million.

I’ve got old factory-fresh logo heads, worn out heads as emergency spares, autographed heads, heads I didn’t like, old heads under flower pots (works great!), spare heads in gig bags, new heads not yet mounted, and on and on and on.

Anthony Amodeo

of have tons and hate throwing them out.

the guy at my local music store knows I teach .....I send a lot of parents his way to buy every time I go in he goes in the back and gets all the heads that they pull off drums when people buy kits and want them changed from the stock heads and gives them to me for my teaching studio....he says...I know kids beat the hell out of heads

I never use them but I don't have the heart to tell him I don't want them

so I have a stack of heads of all sizes.....probably 40 or 50 .....if anyone wants them

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I wish I had some spare heads laying around, but as I've said before I just don't have the extra cash to spend on drum equipment too often.

A kind gesture from my band mates recently, my snare drum batter was beyond dead. I had this thing rediculously tight to get a sound out of it. They purchased me a coated G1 for it before a gig in July.

I've got a buddy who buys and sells drums and he sometimes donates me spare stock heads he removes because I let him borrow my equipment quite often.

I do have a bass drum resonant that's been cut out. It was a cheap stock reso. It's cut out to maybe an inch all around. It just gives me sound of NOT having a reso head, but I still get to have my hoops and rods on the front. I don't often use it.


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won't count them but it is about a two feet tall stack in the attic.

they make fairly good frisbees.



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Not too many, but a few.

Only 1 is brand new, a 14" Evans G Plus.
Got a set of coated G2 with only 1 studio session on them.
A second set of coated G2 that are in great shape.
And a bunch of old Hydraulics and various reso heads.


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Remo Rings? Bass drum beater patches?

I almost want to tie this post to the previous "Can you recycle your drumheads?"


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I have one complete set of used heads as spares stored in the pocket of my bass drum case and when I put new heads on I sort thru all the rest, keeping 1 full set out of the best then turf the rest. Some get used as frisbees, others as targets and some straight to the garbage.


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I just counted eighteen, four of which are bass drum heads, one I will never put on a drum again, but I just cannot throw it away. I still have two heads for a ten inch tom, and I no longer have one. But in case I get one....


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A full set of mesh heads and probably at least one replacement head for every drum on the kit, two kick heads, and a handful of snare batters in various degrees of wear.


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Way, way too many. I have a stack of old, beat up 14" snare batters that I haven't gotten rid of yet. I probably have 20 or more of those, alone.


Between new and almost new, considerably more than a hundred.



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You never know. The other week I dug up a set of Studio X I had for a quiet gig. Didn't dig them at all although they worked decently on an old Pearl kit for recording. Too dead and out of balance with the rest of the kit. So back in the pile they went. I do have a good set of both coated and clear batters along with some extra kick heads and snare heads. You never know what's going to work on what drum until you try so I keep them around.


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Two sets of tom resos, coated and clear. Three sets of tom batters, coated, clear and pre-muffled. Two bass drum batters, coated and clear. Various spare snare batters. Obviously they're not all spare (or unused) as one combo is always on the kit, but that's what I have to pick and choose from.


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I'll have to add a 13" ST next week after my HD arrives from Drumfactorydirect. Hopefully that will be the last contribution.