Supra or trick


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I have a trick 14 x 4 kodiak snare coming, I dont know why I bought it I already have a LM400.. has anyone owned/played both of there a preference? should I expect much difference? After owning about every type of snare out there I am defianately favoring the sound of Aluminum and will probably keep both and use one as main and other as back-up.. which one would you use as your main?


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Both great snares. I'd keep both, but put different heads on each. Maybe an Evans Genera HD Dry on one, and a more traditional Remo coated Ambassador on the other. I like variety.​


I love my Supra. I've never played the Trick but I can't imagine it not being great also from what I've seen and read. Tough decision but you can't go very wrong can you? David