Summer Vacation


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I just started my summer vacation and don't have to be back to work until the middle of September. I look forward to spending lots of time with my wife and daughter, as well as friends and family in Canada. We will be attending the Winnipeg, Regina and Calgary music festivals. Drumheller, Cypress Hills and the Columbia Icefields also await us. Beers at Wain, Alberta (pop 46) are always a treat. This little ghost town has lots of history and you can feel it when you enjoy a cold one in their rustic Rosedear Hotel bar. Look up and you can see the odd bullet hole in the ceiling from bygone revellers.

I will be spending a healthy amount of time with drums and percussion too. I have a new Fat Congas cajon to play that is waiting for me in Canada courtesy of Drumskull Drums. Matt Smith - the bongo/conga maker extraordinaire - should be finishing up a special set of bongos for me this summer. I asked Matt to create a special set of bongos and to surprise me. I will be attending lots of open mike evenings and playing my Cooperman riq in a weekly middle eastern drumming jam. I look forward to playing with the musicians from Copper Dog Music and taking some conga lessons from Joanne at Boomtown Drums.

Just one more sleep until we leave Abu Dhabi and journey to Regina. I hope all of you also have a great summer with lots of drumming.