today i was looking at new drum heads and figured the actual sizes of my drum, based off shell size not the shell and hoop. my toms are 10 12 and 14 in diameter. my kick is 22.i have all store-stock heads on my kit except I have Evans Eq3s on the kick. ported on Reso. I'm looking to put Evans black chrome on the tom batter and G1 clear Resos. Remo ambassador coated over clear on snare. I play mostly rock and worship music. I want a punchy cutting sound from my snare. I want a warm solid thud or boom from my toms.

I don't know a whole lot about drum heads and tuning. I have a drum dial, but have year old heads that are worn and so its not as accurate as I hoped. I'm a fairly hard hitter and not great at tuning so I'm looking for two ply heads as I've heard there easier to tune. any suggestions would be appreciated. i play an all maple pdp platinum series. I don't have a preference brand wise.
People say two ply heads are easier to tune but i honestly find them all fairly similar, Drum dials can be helpful but if you tune in a star pattern across your lugs going half turns at a time and then tweak each lug so they all sound the same your usually right.

Head suggestions, I wouldn't recommend black chrome. They sound very dead to me. I'd go with Remo Pinstripes or Evans ec2's over G1 clear/ ambassador clear on the toms and a Evans G1 coated or Remo Ambassador coated over Evans hazy 300 on the snare. These are my preferences so they may not sound how you like. I've found that combination achieves the sound you describe you want.

Next you say you want a solid thud or boom from you toms. These are two different sounds that tuning plays a big part in achieving. If you want a nice solid thud in your toms you tune the resos higher then the batter. If you go too high the drum will choke so just mess about until you find the sound you want, you will find a sweet spot where the drum will make a thud when you hit it. If you want a boom tune the resos and the batters to the same. Hopefully others chime in on the thread to help out.


sound good. i actually tuned my resos a couple days ago to even or maybe higher than batter. not sure? bu they sound really good. got rid of a lot of the floppy off sounding hits from them. ill have to keep messing around with tuning though.


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Are you performing live or in a practice space? If you're performing live, are the drums going to be mic'd up? The Black Chromes will give you the deepest possible sound but don't project as well as EC2S. If you're playing without any form of sound reinforcement, I'd recommend EC2S. If you've got mics on the drums, get ready for some boom! I happen to be a huge fan of Black Chromes over EC Reso heads. If you decide to go the EC2S route, G1's or Genera Resos (for more projection) would be great options for the reso side.

As far as the snare head choice, I'd at least recommend going with a Power Center Reverse Dot batter head. If you want something with even more crack to it, check out the Genera HD. If you want something with plenty of crack but without any overtone sustain, try the HD Dry. Can't go wrong with a Hazy 300 snare side head.