Suggestions for cymbal re-lathing


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Like most of us I've bought and sold quite a few cymbals throughout the years and usually lose a bit of money in the process but that's just part of hobby I suppose. This time I'm thinking of having one of my lesser played ride cymbals reworked by someone instead of moving on from it.

I know Steve Maxwells out of Chicago will rework cymbals and I've seen a couple others from a google search but wondering if anyone has any experience with any of them? The price doesn't seem to outrageous so maybe it's worth a shot.


I had a Very heavy Sabian HH Classic ride, I didn’t like the sound I had it re-hammered and lathed to lighten it, now it sounds great.
All of that was done by Nicky Moon custom cymbals, lucky for me he lives one town away, I could bring my cymbal to his house and tell me exactly what I wanted.
Since you live in Washington state, I would check with Revival Drum Shop they have some custom cymbals made for them.


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I'm not a big risk taker, and what sounds like garbage to me may sound amazing to someone else. 9 times out of 10, I'd get rid of something and buy exactly what I want. My only exception is when I had a Sabian AA 17" crash that had about 5 small (maybe 1mm each) cracks around the edge, and I knew a guy who could lathe them out. That worked out really well. With that said, I tend to just let stuff go and buy what I think sounds good. You don't lose much money (if at all) if you buy used.