Sudden taste change


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I'm really glad I've read so many of you are Remo makes me feel sane when I can be overly picky. I don't like alot of my personality weirdnesses but one thing I do actually like is that when I flip out over something it's basically for life such as paiste cymbals. I still look to this day into everything but it only reaffirms my fondness of paiste cymbals. Yeears ago I had a verbal battle with some bit-- at paiste over an obvious warranty issue. I was so ticked afterwards that I swore I'd ditch them all for sabian gear but I couldn't. I'm usually sickeningly polite but this A-Hole pushed my Mr.hyde button HARD.


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I've done my fair share of experimenting with head brands too. I've not circled back to Aquarian. I was experiencing a lot of that plastic brittleness mentioned here with my Evans heads. The 2-ply Aquarian heads (Modern Vintage II) sound much meatier than the G2s that I had on my kit.

Overall, I've noticed Aquarian, the Modern Vintage series in particular, have the least plastic-sounding heads out there.

To be fair, some of the difference might be the sound and feel of where I tune my drums. When I tuned up the G2s where they had the feel and response that I like, they sounded thin and "plasticy". I think Aquarian heads like to be tuned a little higher than others. They really sing at higher tunings, yet sound full and deep.

For now, I'm extremely happy to have Aquarian heads back on my kit.


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For the record, I am referring to clear G1's and clear Genera resonants. Which are the heads I used for a long time.

I have some Calftones on there right now and I've been liking them this week.

Maybe it's the clear heads where my tastes are changing.

I just never noticed the brittleness before


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I have favourite heads in all of the big three brands . I usually go back to Remo though as my go to . Coated over clear Ambassadors for Toms , CS coated for snares and PS3 clear or coated for bass drum batters .

Some Evans heads I like - Clear G12 for Tom batters and clear G1 for Tom resos.
I like the clear EQ3 for bass drum batters .
PowerCenter reverse dot for snare drums

I played Aquarian heads for about ten years and still have some favourites .
Texture coated for Tom batters
Classic clear for Tom resos
Texture coated with power dot for snare batters
Superkick 1 for bass drum batters .

If I had to choose in order of brand it would go :


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I just changed out my two toms 10 and 11 from clear Remos to coated Ambassadors and am real happy. Over a month ago.

But the old Remos were TAMA factory heads over 3 decades ago!

I've also, as of 4:32 PM today changed my snare - after 10+ years - to leaning back toward me. Mainly because I'm playing more contemporary styles lately and feels so much better. It was another tweak moment rabbit hole that I was hesitant in going down. I promised myself I would make gradual changes and play a little before going further. Ended up raising and tilting the 10 and 11 (on a stand) more toward me.

So my kit is starting to look more like Weckl's and Colaiuta's from the 80s LOL. Feels great though. BAM!!

I've also raised my ride, which is a no no change. And my crash is tilted more. There's no going back baby LOL.


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I used to like Remo.. then i tried Aquarian... now i don't think i have 1 remo head..


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Been an Aquarian guy since I got my acoustics... although I have dabbled a bit with Evans. Trying a 56‘ Calftone on my snare tuned low and fat. It’s so meaty, great for some 70’s rock. But still.. NOTHING can separate me from the holy Aquarian Super Kick.


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Always Remo for decades but started trying Evan’s and Aquarian. I just don’t dig Aquarian but I’d agree it wasn’t as fair a chance as Evan’s. Evans won but lately ordering what I wanted in mil etc rather brand on Amazon I’ve been buying mixed. I recently bought Remo Emperors and Evan’s G2 . I’ve been favoring Evan’s but Remo won . Bit disappointed in that because I left Remo cause disappointed in them.