Stuff you got for your kit which is NOT specifically meant for drumming...?

Bo Eder

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I got a speaker stand bag because it’s big enough to get all my Yamaha Crosstown hardware into without breaking it down, and the whole thing weighs 20 lbs.!


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Been trying to get some bits together so that when I play over Zoom/Skype/etc. I can hear the person on the other end and they can hear my drum sounds and voice (when I want them to) without the tapping from my electronic kit. All for getting lessons. Not yet tested with someone on the other end. By the time I get it working the corona 'mare will be over and I'll be able to get face to face lessons again. Anyway, so far so good...
Drum mixers cropped.JPG
Ideally would have had a couple of simpler mixers as most of the inputs are currently redundant but this is what seemed best value when I looked.

One box mixes the drum module output and a microphone my end (that I can turn up/down depending on if I need to chat) and feeds it to the sound input on the laptop. The other takes audio from the PC and drum computer too so I can hear both but without the microphone feedback my end. Perhaps if I play with someone else or want to mix more sound sources in, it'll be more useful.

I expect someone will tell me there's a much simpler way. I did try out a few "solutions" from YouTube etc. but they were rubbish, I couldn't hear anything and neither could the other end.