Studio Session Drumming


I'm getting back into playing studio sessions- just had my first session over the weekend and it went well, felt great to be in the studio again. The producer said that he was very impressed with my professionalism in both my work ethic and my abilities and he will be making me his first-call drummer for session work. I'm very excited about that and the possibilities that could/will lead to.

However, my question is what is a reasonable amount to charge for studio work? I was thinking of going by a case by case basis considering the budget of every artist rather than a blanket rate-- but I also don't want to do it for free. I've heard anywhere from $75-100 per session to $100-500 per song.

Any suggestion or info regarding a reasonable rate for a local studio session drummer would be much appreciated.

A.J. Nystrom


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I usually do $75 an hour, with a 4-hour minimum fee.

Also, remember the words, "The artist pays, the studio doesn't". Make that a mantra...