Stuart Cable (Stereophonics)


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Hi everyone,

Any fans of Stuart Cable's drumming when he was in Stereophonics? I've been a fan of the band for many years but have only recently really appreciated his drumming both on and off the stage.
In the studio, he tends to play very minimalistic grooves, not hitting a crash every 4 or 8 bars and very rarely opening his hi hat just for some variation. Then live he'd become a rock monster, hitting hard, lots of energy and liveliness in his playing. I think really understood the difference between being under the microscope in the studio and putting on a show in a live situation, not something many drummers understand straight away, I know I didn't!

I wondered if there were any other fans out there? I feel like he was very underrated as a player before his untimely death ten years ago.

Anyone know what gear he used with the Stereophonics? Or can take a wild guess? I seen him playing Yamaha drums with some gorgeous finishes. Here's some pics.




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A fine drummer for the band, and a bit of a comedian to boot, with some decent radio presenting skills. Just a shame that like so many before him, substances caught up with him.