Stripping down the kit!


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Right, so i STILL havent started my routine yet. I suck at motivation, though i REALY do love playing.... Plus my dads been ill so ive wanted to cut down on noise.
I was thinking about practicing and mastering the bare essentials (keeping time, rudiments, technique) by stripping my kit down to just hats, snare and bass drum. In order for me to be more focused in my practice session for a little while till i get into the swing of things. Does anyone else do this? Ive always been realy into drummers who play tiny kits anyway, i love the diy punk ethic of music, making the most of what you have and all that! Maybe adding my floor tom in aswell in order to keep tom technique up aswell.
Any thoughts?

Bo Eder

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You could leave your kit alone and just play less pieces. That oughta' be a mental exercise right there!

Rick H.

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I would suggest stripping it down to just the hats snare and bass, and slowly add on as you start to feel more and more comfortable
For instance after a while add in a floor tom, then maybe a crash and so on and so forth.