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What warmup/stretching exercises do you guys (extreme metal drummers in particular) do when you're about to play/rehearse? Reason being, I just got back from jam, and my hands tanked big time. I can hold single-strokes/blasts for a fairly long time at 220-225, but even at 210 or so my hands started to crap out. I put it down to not having an effective enough warm-up routine.

So yeah, any help would be appreciated.


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Personally I don't like the idea of warming up as most think of it. If you're playing something to warm up your hands, you're generally thinking about getting them going and to me it's kind of like watching grass grow where it just seems to take forever. (Like exercising for exercise's sake versus playing racquetball or something fun.)

I prefer to just play something. In particular playing something less familiar or new. This way my mind is engaged in what I'm playing and I'm learning something or building muscle memory on something useful. Also, since it's relatively new (or not one of my strengths) I won't be playing extremely fast or in a way that challenges my body. It'll be casual fun and by easing into it my hands will be ready to burn before you know it.