Strainer for acrolite


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Does anyone make a strainer to fit an Acrolite that doesn't appear to have been made in a Chinese happy meal toy factory? Mine broke today, shedding out some sort of little rivet or something. It's now held together with bailing wire. I'd prefer not to pay for another of these junky things. Even when new the knob scraped the body.



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I replaced my p85 strainer with the p88 for my late 70s Acrolite and I’m much happier with it.

Although a little bulkier, and the butt plate doesn’t fit, the mechanism is much more consistent and I never have to fidget with it like I did with the p85.


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What do you mean about the butt plate? Does the p88 bolt up to the same holes?

EDIT: Is the butt plate the snare holder on the opposite side? Sounds like no big deal to use the old one.

Is this is?

Yes - the strainer (the lever that you raise/lower to engage or disengage the snare wires with the circular dial used to tighten/loosen the snare response) is fine and will line-up perfectly.

I still use my old butt plate too with no issues there. Usually butt plates are replaced for cosmetic reasons but will continue to function fine. No reason to worry that the new butt plate won’t work on your Acro.

Good luck - keep us posted!


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Chinese happy metal toy factory?
All but one of the china made strainers I have are much better than the P85, so seeing it's 2021 now I can't say I see the point of that metaphor.

About the replacement lots of options are available, including the P86, the P88, the dunnett R4L, and any other strainer with a 2,5" mounting hole spacing.


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P85s can be a bit of a pain and you have to keep em oiled with a bit of 3 in 1. I've had expensive Dunnett strainers disintegrate during a gig and I'm not a heavy hitter at all.

The good thing with P85s is they're cheap to replace and to maintain.

I've got an Acrolite with the P83 strainer on it. The P85 is built like a tank in comparison!

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Definitely go with the INDe Strainer.