Straightening push/pull


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My push/pull is still kind of shuffling. I'd like to get them to a straight 16th type of thing to get like a one handed roll. Is it better to straighten it out by taking it down real slow or trying harder to play it straight at a faster tempo? It feels kind of awkward playing it slow.


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I've only been learning push/pull the last 6 months so I've never really used it in a straight feel, occasionally in 16th ghosts notes but mainly for rolls.
For practice it's better to find a tempo where you don't feel rushed and you can observe the movements, once you get comfortable start speeding up.


focus on the force of the down stroke and match it with a whip from the wrist at an equal force


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I'm yet to find a single concept that hasn't benefited from breaking it down, if I haven't been able to get it. If I can't play it slow, what hope have I got of adding speed to it?

At the end of the day, fast and sloppy is still just sloppy played fast.