Straight or shuffle?


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Thanks for all the replies (and tangents) on this thread!

Here's some of the songs. We recently got a new singer so this might be my opportunity to suggest some shuffle songs. Here's some we are trying out:

Need you tonight - INXS
Creep - Radiohead
Valerie - Zutons
Sweet Child o mine - Sheryl Crow version
Proud Mary - CCR
Don't worry baby - beach boys
I run to you - Lady A
Hold on, Hold on - Neko Case (if anyone knows this one, I'm really struggling working out the 2 bar fill by ear, and there's no sheet music anywhere?!)

As always, comments so much appreciated :)
See if you can add La Grange by ZZ Top.


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It was bad because it took one of the most impassioned songs in the entire history of rock ‘n’ roll and rendered it lite EZ listening. It was utterly facile, something which people who had heard the song dozens or hundreds of times would never have imagined possible.
Clapton is ez listening blues rock now & has been for decades. He has occasional relapses of his old firery self but he's mostly tame & mellow.