Straight from the horse's mouth.

Hollywood Jim

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After studying the videos of Buddy that WhoIsTony posted, I just remembered how lightning fast buddy's left hand was.

If my left hand was as fast as my right hand I could play twice as fast as I do now.
And this imbalance I have comes from years and years of no practice.

Oh by the way I love those Slingerland drums he was playing .



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Could Buddy just have meant that he didn't use the French grip (thumb on top) technique of just fingers? His wrist is clearly always initiating the motion of the stick.

Jeff Almeyda

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Tony Williams is also known for saying that he did not use fingers yet his playing also clearly shows finger control in action.

Mike Mangini claims that the finger motion he employs is entirely derivative from the wrist motion. In his philosophy, the larger muscles take on the strain.

Check this video out of Mike playing over 250 BPM barehanded. Just sick.