Storing floor tom


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Hi everyone, I've got a Gretsch kit that came with four toms (two rack 10 and 12, two floors 14 and 16). I only use the 10" and the 14" so I need to store my extra toms safely and so they're out of the way. I put the 12" tom in a big box wrapped in a towel and taped it shut so that one should be good, but I need a way to store my 16" tom. It's too big to fit in a regular box... Is there a better way to store it rather than use a box, or should I find one that's big enough and put it in there? Thanks! :D


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Buy a drum bag for it and store it in the bag.
There are boxes that are large enough to hold the tom also.
Go to a store that sells moving supplies and you will find one.
I shipped a 15 inch tom that I sold last week and I found a box that was oversized to allow for bubble warp in a dumpster behind a supermarket.
It took me about 1 min to find it. I simply drove behind the building and there they were in a clean cardboard recycle dumpster.


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Get some of those little bags with the pieces of silica to absorb moisture and toss them in the box to so you dont get any rust pits or anything while its being stored, probably wont have a problem but why take a chance.


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+1 to the previous posts. Put the 12 inside the 16 with some silica gel packs and put them in a 16 floor tom soft case. Put them away from humidity.


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Go to your local Guitar Center and ask them if they have a box from an SKB 14" tom case in the back. It should hold your 16" tom just fine.