Storing drums on their side: Bad?


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I read somewhere once that you can throw a heavy snare shell out of round by storing it on its side. Ever since then I've been kind of paranoid about it. Does anyone have experience with this happening?



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I seriously doubt this is true (otherwise bass drums are screwed). That said, I still don't do it because I'm paranoid and not always logical :|


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See, that is why I think my paranoia is so unjustified. BUT the place I read it was the little leaflet that came with a higher-end Tama steel snare I have (yeah, I'm a dork, I read those), making me at the same time think it's legitimate.


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When the drum is on its side the rims are taking most of the weight. I've stored drums like this for decades and I've never seen a problem. Now laying them flat and stacking them on top of each other, bass drum with the toms resting on its resonant head always worried me. I can't stand to see that in music stores. You're gonna have to replace that bass drum head and it sure seems like it'll hose up the bearing edges. You can always call Tama and ask them.

Anthony Amodeo

some of the best drum shops in the world don't seem to think so