Storing Drums in a garage?

john gerrard

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Temp changes and extreem temps are a different issue, moisture,dampness, etc is a different issue all together. I still reccomend that you use paste wax on the inside of the shell and outsides as well as rims and lugs. I use a good auto carnuba paste wax like Mothers or McQuires. Although I have never used vasoline on my drums I have read on other forums that it is not reccomended to use it. I would also coat the threads of the tension rods with a light weight machine oil. John


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I stored a kit (in soft cases) in a garage for about 18 months and although the shells remained in round, the bass drum hoops got really warped. I'd avoid it if at all possible.


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I started a similar thread but about warehouses. What is everyone's thoughts on new kits stored in a music store or drum shops warehouse until delivery? I would imagine you are fighting the same issues.


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I keep all my drumsets in my garage in Northern Michigan year round. I was just thinking about building a large cabinet system like bob's in order to get them off the floor this year.


I have mine setup in my garage in South Texas. During the summer, I just leave a gap at the bottom on the garage door.

I'm Austin, Texas and I leave my kit setup in my garage year-round. I have a ceiling ridge vent and some insulation, although I hope to add more insulation soon. In the warmer months, I have a box fan mounted above the kit, at about 7'-8' height and a round rotating fan on the floor, about 3' from the kit. Both fans are pointed at the kit and not directly on me when I'm drumming.

I created this fan setup to keep the temps reasonable for me when drumming without having the wind directly on me, to avoid tight arms or shoulders. This works well for me and I play on this setup daily, sometimes for several hours, even in the hottest times of the year. Also, this fan setup prevents the drums from getting overly hot when I'm not drumming on them, even during last summer's brutal heat wave. Last summer was the worst heat on record in Austin, up to 115F on one day and 90 days over 100F.


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Apologies for the old thread bump but I'm about to go down this road with my drums going into our garage in cases.

Have been spending (literally) the last few weeks gradually ordering the remaning Protection Racket cases I needed for my 4 kits and 7 snares, plus hardware and too many cymbals - my drum room is turning into our son/daughters nursery ahead of it arriving in January, hence the need.

Expensive stuff. Found a bunch of (hardware) stuff I even forgot I own. Amazing.

Some great knowledge on this thread myself and my partner have found a great help so thanks to all. She's more worried about the drums being stored there than me!!

Going to be buying a rack unit soon to get them off the floor, again thanks to all.


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My Ludwig classic maples natural finish set (from 1998 ) have been played and stored in the garage here in Vegas. No AC in the garage and in the summer it gets very hot in there. If anything, the set sound better with age and absolutely no damage to the shells or finish. Each year it wipe them down with a rag and lemon oil (made for wood guitars) . And unlike most things now days, this set has greatly appreciated in price over the years.


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Ironic this thread for bumped because I was reading multiple threads and Reddit posts about storing drums int he garage with heat, humidity, etc.

I moved in to my own place after getting married last May (2018). Prior to moving in to my new place, I had my drums in a temperature controlled living room at my parent's house. I never had t worry about weather extremes, especially since I live in the South bay Area, where there is no humidity and the heat is dry.

That being said, after moving in to my new place, it is an older place with no central air. In addition to that, I don't have room indoors to keep my drums set up, so I have them out in the standalone garage out back. The garage is basically a big garage structure, with 3 separate one-car garages (I live in a duplex). It gets really warm in there and I was concerned about my Mapex Velvetones, as well as my hotter drums and snares.

I ended up installing a window AC unit to help keep the air moderate during the hot summer months (it gets up to 98 degrees F in that room on a warm day, even hotter during the heatwaves). The garage isn't insulated and there is no ceiling as it goes straight to the roof, however, I've found the AC unit does a decent job keeping temperatures from getting out of hand. I haven't had nay problems with my drums thus far.


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I don't recall hearing problems about storing the drums in a garage...ever. I kept my exotic veneered lacquered DW Collectors kit uncased in my van for 4 years. It's a hotbox in the summer and a freezer in the winter. No delaminating of plies, no checking in the paint, no anything. I think it rapidly ages drum shells actually, in the way we want. Nice dryed out resonant wood. That's an unproven theory of mine.

Steady Freddy

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My "on the road" set, when it wasn't on stage, was in cases in the back of a truck for years. Every kind of climate you can imagine. Didn't seem to be a problem.