Storing cymbals - what's your approach?


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Hi guys,

Was reading through the post on "how many rides & hi-hats" we all have and realized we all have the same hoarding problem, so that's good to know :D

Curious about what your storage method is?

I have a box I made (inspiration from RDavidR from Youtube) and just lean cymbals against each other, but I don't love it as I feel it puts too much pressure on them

What does everyone out there do to store cymbals?


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On their edge, as the cymbal companies and larger shops do.


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Well I don't have a lot of cymbals to store. I might have about 6 and they're all sitting on the floor leaning up against the wall and my drum room


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oh man...I made those mistakes once....just once! It took days to clean up the mess
And four of the neighbors were never heard from again. . . come to to think of it, never did care for them neighbors.

And I’m assuming someone’s already mentioned the obvious place to stash 5 or 6 of your cymbals is on your kit.



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