Storing and traveling - Floor tom legs IN the floor tom case?


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Ok, so I have 3 drum kits that I travel with along with one set of traveling hardware. I don't want to store ALL of my floor tom legs in my hardware case (they are different size floor tom legs, and each one has memory locks). Does anyone put your floor tom legs in the floor tom case? Do you wrap them in a towel or anything? Any advice? Thanks!
I slide them in the plastic sleeves; you (used to?) get with new sticks.....
left in- can bust the shell; happened to me on a 70s Premier
if tipped/left under tension/ knocked/ the bracket pulls away breaks wood from shell.
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Why not just leave them on the floor toms?


I use soft cases, they are deeper and wider than the intended size of the drums they are for.

I just used to slide them up until a bit of the leg was sticking up top and a bit on the bottom and tighten them up.

They'd be a bit more snug in the bag, but they'd fit.
mine was in a case
ever since I take them off;
store in plastic 'stick sleeves.
then they go in duffle small hardware bag with the twin tom post..
It's nice.
some assembly required no biggie
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Keep them in hardware case, wrap them in a pillow case, or use different colours to distinguish them
I do that for 15" and 18" Floor tom legs on my large setup
Funny you should post this just now, after the memory lock thread, I got to thinking about maybe just leaving the legs on mine. I hadn't done it previously, cuz I was using bags for storage. Now that I found some old school vulcanized fibre cases, they might fit in the case while still on the drum. Gonna try that this weekend and see if it works! Otherwise, they'll come off and go in the gear box, like they have all along
just leave space/ don't tighten/ with bottom of leg/ pressing against bottom hoop.
that was the mistake I made
I have a couple of 3-ply kits. I love the idea of this, but it scares me a little.
Nothing wrong with being extra cautious.

We always just put the memory lock above the bracket, so you just slid the leg up until the top was flush with the batter rim, and then put them in padded hard cases. They literally got "bowled" across stages during load-in and we never had any issues.
Of course, I don't recommend that with bags, or unpadded cases.
Why not just leave them on the floor toms?
Some drum cases have such tight tolerances, that leaving the legs on won't allow you to close/zip the lid. I have 2 drum bags that fit in this category and it's frustrating.

I'll lay mine in the hardware case next to other stands & they do well.