Storage Units?

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Looking at possibly moving soon and I'm pricing storage units online. Climate controlled with security for my gear and a few other home items..

Anyone with a good or bad experience and what to look for?
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What @MrInsanePolack said. Also, check for lights at night, flooding/water damage, on-site staff, security cameras, and an outlet. Make sure the gate works and they don’t leave it open all day. I have never had anything lifted from a locker, but I have moved facilities because of the open gate deal breaker.


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also check the "ceilings", which in some units is just a wire mesh fence material....lets others see your stuff, and possibly cut through from adjacent units (especially if you're not there to check daily)


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but I have moved facilities because of the open gate deal breaker.


If you get to choose your unit location in the facility, I'd suggest getting one as far from the entrance(s) as possible. So if the entrance is at the corner of the building, get a unit in the opposite corner. That way, people coming into the building aren't likely to go all the way to the back where you might have your unit exposed (no pun intended!) In other words, 90% of the people coming in will get to their unit before they can see where yours is.

I have kept my excess gear in storage for about 16 years, and my current space - while located near an entrance - is in the middle of a long aisle. So if I'm working in there and hear someone coming, I can step out and close the door. That's only happened once or twice, but I'm glad I've got the safeguard.

Also, if you have any serious rearranging where you have stuff in the aisle and visible, I'd recommend going in just before closing and make sure nobody else is inside. Once the entry time has passed (9pm for example) nobody else can enter and see what you're doing. But remember that you also can't leave and return, so make sure everything you need is with you at the start, so you can make a clean exit when you're finished. That's what I did when changing units in the same facility - started at 9pm and finished a few hours later, undisturbed and undetected.


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I'd recommend you install shelving to get all of your gear off of the floor. Even if you have an interior climate controlled unit with zero chance of the unit flooding from rain, you never know if people are storing liquids or hazardous materials next to you or across from you. I have a large unit that can be prone to rain water seepage under the roller door. I picked up a Quick Dam Water Barrier at Home Depot to span the width of the storage unit just inside the door. It lays flat until it is exposed to moisture or water and then it "inflates" as it soaks up the water. It has kept my storage unit bone dry.