Stop the Presses! Roland SPD-SX replacing SPD-S


Looks like they listened to people's suggestions, shudder to think what it will cost down here though... :/


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I spoke with Roland a week ago and the cost should remain relatively in the ball park of the old SPD-S. They have known for years that the SPD-S needed an upgrade and wanted to make sure the new one had all the newest bells and whistles.

The new one is going to have something like 2 Gigs of internal memory, a USB slot where you can directly load and trigger samples, plus velocity-sensitive lights sort of like what the SPD-30 has. This is going to be way cool! Can't wait till next month when they start hitting the stores. Plus, I'm finally glad they decided to finally "release" it.


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Roland did it... at least up to a respectable level.

The main and sub outputs will be great for using a click yet being able to use stereo WAVEs.

They doubled the polyphone (16 on the SPD-SX vs. 8 on the SPD-S) allowing more simultaneous sounds.

The USB interface for PC is a great addition. The included software allows the PC to manage WAVEs files directly on the SPD-SX.

It has a respectable 2 GB internal memory size. However, I can't believe they did not include a SD memory card slot for additional memory. The USB port can't be used for that matter (only to transfer WAVE/Backup files). I don't know what's up with Roland but their decision making concerning memory management is questionable. Anyway, 2 GB should be good for most of us.

I love the LED indicator on each PAD. The LCD display seems quite nice too.

There is still no protective cover for the control panel... not even offered as an option.

Finally, the price... The SPD-SX is considerably more expensive than his older brother. 4 years ago, I paid $550 (Can $) for my SPD-S. The SPD-SX retail price is $829 (still in Can $).

Verdict...even with the few downsides... I really, really want it!!!


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My appologies... it appears like the USB key can be used as memory that can be used to trigger sounds after all.


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The best news might be ... the "Original" SPD-S might become more plentiful (and cheaper) ... on the used market ... so more people can get their hands on one.​
I surely ain't gonna move into a new one ... my original does me everything I need it to do.​


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Hey Mutzy I hear ya what this will cost for us in Brisbane. But I nearly bought a second hand SPD-S for around $550 glad I didn't. I'm getting this when it comes out, I think you'll be looking around the $1000 mark for this, not far off what the Yamaha Multi Pad costs, but this looks a lot better than that...


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I've ordered the SPD-SX for $899, and hopefully get it this week. I've seen the old SPD-S going for $700 to $800 on ebay!!!!!


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Just bought the SPD-SX for myself for Xmas at Guitar Center for $650 US. Normal price was $799, but they have a $150 off coupon for in-store or on-line sales that is good until the 24th! Even my wife had to concede that was a good deal and so she gave me permission to spend my own money on my own present. :>


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I just got one as well, it will replace my Kurzweil K2600 sampler and Kat pad. It doesn't do nearly what the sampler does - no midi files, no layered outputs, little in the way of manipulating sounds, no varied sample rate files - but all of that can be replaced with .wav files, given there's a generous 3 hours of stereo sample capacity. The next step up would be a software solution, which gets expensive and cumbersome with a laptop, program, midi/audio interface, and triggers/pads.

I got mine for US$639, no coupon needed (I know someone) and the GC price at $650 is really good. Anyone thinking about nabbing one should do it now, they're $799 everywhere else.



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So, I have used my SPD-S for years of gigging on the road and had to have it fixed for pads miss-firing twice, once to Roland and another to a electronic repair. In the last year I've just said "screw it," bc it just kept happening. Basically you hit say, pad 3 and 4 fires for instance. When have loops firing in off places is a disaster live.

Q: Does anyone w inside Roland knowledge know if the have addressed that with the new model.

Q: Will the sample mngt. software work with Apple?

ps. Hallelujah!! Praise the drum gods! FINALLY!