Stop keeping time on ride and hi-hats


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I was wondering if anyone has a good idea on how to stop keeping time with the right hand on cymbals and hi-hats.
Have you considered spending some time working on playing snare parts, without any other drums? If you do that, you could play them over a "boom chick" on the kick and hats if you need to keep time for the band. I don't know much about Jazz, but I think that sound was associated with New Orleans Jazz. If you pulled that together and then added accents on toms and cymbals, that might be something. You might spend a while developing the sound before a song came along where it really worked, but it could be nice to have in the toolbox.


Go listen to a band called Deerhoof, specifically their drummer Greg Saunier and you'll be opened up to a new world of possibilities.

Next time you rehearse with your group bring just your snare and sticks, nothing else. Your bandmates will give you weird looks and you'll inevitably stumble through your first few tunes but you'll quickly find a comfort zone that will blend your usual 'parts' with new ideas. This will translate back to your kit.

I've rarely used the same set up for any extended period of time in my almost 20 years playing and it's really helped me rethink sonic possibilities.

Stop thinking about each piece's designated purpose but what it can do. A ride is only a ride, a snare only a snare, if you allow yourself to be boxed into their titles.


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Try playing some reggae beats particularly with drop one, ie no kick on the first beat. Plus simultaneous snare and kick on 2 and 4 and hi-hat on and only. This really messes with your head if you don't normally play reggae.

If you do, then ignore this suggestion.

Peace Davo