stock sealed bearings vs bones swiss lower abec


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you will start to tell the grease has gone bad when the double pedal will start to rotate with the main beater without pressing the other pedal at all. as you can see in the video. the second beater isn't moving at all when i use the main beater.

i've done a bearing swap for when the high abec bearings lose the light feel n start to feel muddy. Lower abec bearings like the bones are exceptional quality n are high reliability. Allowing you to keep them oiled with fresh oil. What happens with sealed bearings over years of play. The grease becomes impregnated with tiny metal flakes n wears the bearings. The extra impregnation of the grease heightens its viscosity pushing it out from an even spread on the inner to the outer radius of the bearing housing. High abec bearings then loose their initial spec n quality feel. really only important for lateral torque of a bearing. high abec bearings are designed to tolerate that torque of a broken axle style bar for double pedals, or off axis connections with the beater. these allow me also, to maintain them. these also have Less surface area of wear per bearing. Less friction from less amount of bearing. Larger bearing radius allows the bearing to rotate in play n with less rotation/larger surface area means less of that wear will encounter the same spot of the bearing. Equating to a shorter roll per bearing n thus less wear over all. These are lower abec. I think abec 6. Less tolerance but the same overall smoothness longer. We dont want lateral pull anyway on the bearing. Which is what a high abec bearing is for. Counter weighting the throw then prevents the need for high abec except on one key part. The dislocated axle of the double pedal ...the ability to flush the bearing with slide oils. Really keeps my pedal feeling tip top shape. I use slide oil for everything. As it has a tackifier that performs two operations. Designed for industrial use in mills n lathe beds. It takes wear of material n pushes it out n away from the frictional area. Preserving the life of contact point of metal. The oil like grease is designed to suspend the metal wear n remove it. But instead of sealing that n allowing a grease to become more impregnated over time. I can oil the pedal every so often n remove that suspended compound. Bearings are expensive. Pedals are expensive. These are designed to last. N the iron cobra flex drives are the smoothest pedal ive ever played. some of The lightest n smoothest throws out there.

these are bearings designed to take impacts of a human body off of large ledges from skateboarding. i never wore a set of bones swiss bearings out. n i could ollie a 12 stair in my prime, which is why i chose these. they just spin freely. the light rotational inertia and light lateral force on these bearings from a pedal, will leave them lasting a life time when properly cared for. its been 8 months now since the swap, n feel just as the day i put them in.


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Very nice, the ic flexi are the greatest pedals ever. Try a trick driveshaft with them