sticky for how to search??


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no way to compete with the sticks4drums thread!! hysterical.

just have to ask- have seen detailed tips on searching, but now can't search for the detailed tips! and damn sure can't find anything else. everything in the drumming universe has been covered numerous times. i'm hopeless. what about a sticky or something that tells us guys how to find the hidden treasure....


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Most if not all guys that have that knowledge,are not about to share it,for a few reasons.

Its their private contact that they cultivated.

More than a few buy and sell gear and flip it for a living.Telling you where he gets his stuff,puts your hand in his pocket.

I have also seen where information was shared,and then abused,by the recipiant of that information.

If you truly want to find out how to search the internet,you just have to do it.I have seen way too many posters here ask questions about things,and state they can't find the info after trying and trying.With just basic skills,using google or just about any other search engine,I was able to find the info in about 5 minutes.They could do the same,but they for the most part,want you to do it for them.

I can understand legitimate questions,where the info is consealed in books,rendering it non retrieveable to most.

Seriously,I don't mind questions about obscure or vintage gear,but with basic stuff,the answer is just a few mouse clicks away.You just have to ask the right question.I have also found that,a little information is dangerious,and the simple answer is a bit more complicated than you think

Steve B

Steve B


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thank you tama. I mean more than just gear tho. I mean questions about everything. And I mean specifically the forum, not the whole internet. But you have reminded me about the google search, which always refers to dw posts.