Sticking with sticks or switching sticks


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I've played VF 5As for most of my 20+ years dabbling with drums (with a break in the middle). Tried some others, but never was enticed away from them.

Randomly I got sent a pair of Wincent 5AXL with a cymbal I bought and OH MY! I'm in love, never looked back since.


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Promark activegrip 5B. I do love that activegrip coating, it definitely works for me. I used to drop sticks like it was my job. I also have VF5A, a mess of Vater 7A and a pair of VF 7AN for the old e-kit. I have come to love the feel of the 5B and may make that my go to.


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5A all the way for me, 27 years and counting.
Zildjian or Promark are my favourites - they have a pretty similar feel and both feel just a tad lighter than VF et al.
The Promark Active grip is nice too, it works well.
Now and again I try other sizes or models but so far I have always come back to the 5A's.


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I think I just discovered the Activegrip on the Promark, which I originally loved, cause too much friction on my hands too, so may have to ditch them. Has anyone tried the new VF NE-1? Thick butt end with longer taper, and seems to minimize vibrations more than some others based on time on my practice pad.


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started with 7A and fluctuated between models and weights, im now on a stick called the 'VH' model from a company called balbex drumsticks, theyre really nice and feel super comfy without being too bulky :)


Not sure if this has been a topic yet... I don't have a single stick model that I use all the time. Since I rarely break sticks, I have a bunch of good and pretty varied sticks that accumulated over the years. Using different ones seems to have been a pretty good (unintentional) exercise - not like "developing muscles with 2B sticks" but I feel like I learned a bit about motions, balance, sound, grip and such things by having to adapt to different sticks.
Or do you feel like you should just work on such things with one or two pairs of sticks that you use all the time?
My first pair of sticks were Vic Firth 7A because they were very comfortable in my hands and I found myself picking up speed with them but recently I tried a pair of Dave Weckl signature sticks which are a bit longer and chunky and what I've noticed is I don't have to hit as hard to get the sound that I'm looking for. Off the cuff... I broke my first Vic 7A stick the other day! I am definitely a heavy hitter!

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I have one main pair of sticks, but as I have a lot of other types of utensils to play with I also have several types of sticks when that's more appropriate.

Mainly I use the Colaiuta sticks. For when I have to play unnaturally soff I tend to use the Erskine Big Band sticks. I also use SD4s sometimes.

Now, the bag I use for orchestral stuff is a different matter entirely. I have a bunch in there. Mostly Pustjens stuff, but a few others as well.