Sticking with sticks or switching sticks


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I've played VF 5As for most of my 20+ years dabbling with drums (with a break in the middle). Tried some others, but never was enticed away from them.

Randomly I got sent a pair of Wincent 5AXL with a cymbal I bought and OH MY! I'm in love, never looked back since.


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Promark activegrip 5B. I do love that activegrip coating, it definitely works for me. I used to drop sticks like it was my job. I also have VF5A, a mess of Vater 7A and a pair of VF 7AN for the old e-kit. I have come to love the feel of the 5B and may make that my go to.


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5A all the way for me, 27 years and counting.
Zildjian or Promark are my favourites - they have a pretty similar feel and both feel just a tad lighter than VF et al.
The Promark Active grip is nice too, it works well.
Now and again I try other sizes or models but so far I have always come back to the 5A's.