Stick Size Curiousity


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Just curious: Is there a size between 5A and 5B? I love the light grace of 5A's, but the power and grip of 5B's.

Does Vater or Vic Firth make anything like that?

Doctor Dirt

I use 747s in a natural stick (no eurothane covering) nylon tips mostly. For me the Hickory works well, I can whittle them down pretty good now. Things would be tuff for me with todays stick prices if I was in my youth, they broke so easily hahahaha!!!! Doc

............I remember quality sticks selling at 59 to 89 cents a pair, damn!!!!!


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I reckon Vater Fusions are a pretty good balance between 5A and 5B.

I love these sticks. Fusions are the perfect size for me. I sometimes play ProMark Ringo signatures for the extra length, and at times the Regal Pro for the extra ride ping but love the Fusions.


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I love these sticks. Fusions are the perfect size for me.

Definitely, Grunter. Love 'em too.

In the 90's (long before I'd ever heard of Vater) I used to get my sticks custom made. Between myself and the stickmaker, we pretty much came a up with a Vater Fusion. I had a slightly thicker taper at the shoulder and ever so slightly larger round tip.....but for all intents and purposes, I designed myself a Fusion.......long before I knew what a Fusion was. ;-)