Stick between index and middle finger


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Does anyone else do this? I've always had a problem with my right (dominant) hand cramping after a while, so I would switch the stick between my index and middle finger. I've been doing it for years and I'm almost as good with it there as in the normal position. I do have a callous on the inside of my index finger though and need a band-aid there when I play. (Sorry, just realized I'm in the wrong section with this)
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Yes, I do. For at least 10 years now.

I shift to forefinger and thumb for finger technique. Otherwise my sticks float loosely between middle finger and thumb, with the the ring and little finger supporting.


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Interesting. My very first drum clinic was Carmine Appice. :) So long ago, it feels like another lifetime.

I sat on the floor, about 4 feet away from his left kick, with a clear view of his snare drum. My ears got blasted, and I loved every second of it.


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Bev Bevan does that too. I think it's because he was taught to play mallets in the orchestra.


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I do it now and then, i play 2-4 hours every night and have never been able to get my upper right arm to stop cramping on songs with long steady hats (b52's and such) so i will switch fingers if it gets too bad.. what sucks is i'm usually ok until it gets into my head.. then it gets worse:)

BTW.. been listening to the live Beck Bogert Appice album lately... just holy crap.. I am in love with Carmine.. i think if i made a dictionary i would put his picture under "Rock Drummer" not just that album. but everything i see him in pretty is so good..


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I have been using the middle finger and thumb as my main fulcrum in germa and american grip for a long time. I believe it is the way to go. I got the idea from Weckl years ago in his technique video for Carl Fischer. I've never looked back. I love it.


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But but but...It's not the "drum way"


I use it on really fast 8ths on the ride like on The Allman Brothers "One Way Out", but only when I start to tire.

It's not my favorite look, it looks like I'm giving the finger.

A really long finger.