Stick ballistics stories ;)


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I managed to catch the bass player on the back of his neck a while ago, but this one from last weekend was fairly spectacular too. Lost approx 1/3rd of the stick :)

Your stories please ------- or am I the only one with over used / rimshot murdered sticks & occasional poor technique?

I know, I know - serves me right for playing a Bon Jovi song :(


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Laser-point accuracy with sticks aimed at guitarists seems to be my special talent in this area. Many, many years ago when I was first playing I discovered this special gift. A guitarist was annoying me so I threw a stick at him mid-song. Hit him square in the back of the neck despite the fact that he'd taken cover behind a Piano, knowing it was coming. The trajectory was perfect.

Again, when I was a beginner drummer I was playing in a school concert and lost a stick, with it flying high in the air and out of sight. I reached behind and grabbed the only stick I could reach. It was a huge marching stick that was somewhat mis-matched with the 5A in the other hand and created some interesting accent patterns during fills to say the least.

Other than that, nothing much to note. Other bands have discovered my accuracy with sticks and back away slowly...

I haven't broken a stick in years and years so sadly none of my ballistics are accidental or comical any more...


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The singer stands behind me in the current stage configuration of my band and he was the unfortunate recipient of the sharp end of a broken stick. Luckily he moved his head at the last minute and caught it in the side of the head and not the eye. He showed up to the next practice with a set of goggles on, everybody was laughing but him.


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A loong time ago in high school, I played in this short lived R@R revival band.. and we played our debut in the school cafeteria.. so there was a big crowd formed in front of us. Our opening tune had a big stop near the end where it was a big snare flam accent cut out.. and around that time I'd discovered that, if I threw the sticks down and hit the rim the right way and let them go - the sticks would shoot straight up in the air spinning - and go about 10 feet straight up and then Id catch them on the way down!

Worked great in practice..

In front of a crowd was another story. One stick went straight up - the other took off like a shot, spinning in a line drive straight into the crowd!

Luckily no one got hurt.. but it was the last time I ever tried that goofy stunt!


I never liked the sound of nylon tipped sticks, but I used to use them sometimes because they were more durable, until... one time I hit the snare and the tip popped off and struck me in the eyebrow, just narrowly missing my eyeball. It felt like I had been shot with a pellet gun and I never used nylon tips again.