Stewart Copeland


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Im sure there is a thread about him already, but i couldnt find one while flicking through the pages.

Just wondered if there is anyone else out there who is obsessed with the way he plays, i cant get my head round some of his grooves its almost like he has 3 arms.

Made such a big impact on drumming considering on what was around at those times, i honestly think he doesnt get the credit he deserves.

Also, whats your favourite Police track?

Mines either Walking on the moon or Murder by numbers, the grooves in those songs are a real task to play.



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I love his style of drumming - but it seems more difficult than it really is. I mean, it's just a lot of half-time reggae-ish beats. Now, I'm not saying I'm an expert at playing him - but just from looking at the sheet music.