Steve Such's Vinnie Baked Potato transcription


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Hi Everyone....
So I'm looking at this transcription... Vinnie's solo is fantastic in the performance and I'm wondering.... anyone know how accurate this transcription is? I don't know Steve Such and I"m not doubting him but I'm just wondering if any of this forum's regularly "quoted" transcribers have had a look...


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I'm not one of the guys you mention, but I've transcribed my fair share of this and other solos and playing, and it looks incredibly legit. It catches the things that are particularly Vinnie-ish: the left-leading double bass, the Chaffee-esque stickings and concepts. It's all there. It's far better that the one published book ("Unreel something or other...") which has some questionable content.

Not sure why you'd need confirmation from here, though. YouTube tends be wildly critical and ignorant, and the comments there are thoughtful and positive.


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I couldn't download the thing-- I agreed to get on his mailing list since he requires it, and now he's glomming onto me for a lot of other crap. Total slimefest. I pass.

re the transcription: only one way to find out-- PROOF THE SUCKER