Steve Smith



My friend is SS's drum tech. He just posted this pic.

SWEEEEEET!!!!! What is the snare drum looking thing on his bass drum? I can't make out the words on it to Google - That is a super cool picture man.


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Here are some pictures from Steve Smith clinic in 03' in Chicago. He used two kits and also jammed with Fareed Haque (gtr) and Howard Levy (harmonic) among others.

Steve is such a great player and teacher. I just wanted to share the pictures and start a thread to hear what everyone thinks about his teaching and playing.
I think the toms on this green kit in the first two pics, are the ones for sale at Donn Bennett's in Washington, mated with 2 16x22" Bass drums. The kit "aquired" for the Trial by Fire tour, but then used as his East Coast(?) kit.