Steve Smith Tala Wand


I have been using the bamboo Tala Wands and just found out they've been discontinued :( I really like them because they are very low volume and have decent rebound and tone on the toms - I can use them in my well-insulated apartment with no complains from neighbors (I'm not a heavy-hitter).

I've been thinking about trying to make some myself. I saw a suggestion somewhere about using caulk filler insulation for the foam. Does anyone know how long the piece of foam is in the Tala Wands? Is it just about a 1/4 inch thick dowel in the middle at the other end? Any other tips on how to recreate these? Or does anyone have any suggestion for bundle sticks that have the same low volume and rebound?


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I have 2 pairs of those, but haven’t read that they’re going away. That would be tragic as Steve really hyped those. The only issue I see is drummers being turned off by the square shape. They tend not to feel so good in the hands after a time.

To answer your question: The foam core is about a third of the way down the stick. Caulk or silicone rubber would be a great choice as it would bond with the bamboo and not want to slip out during playing.

I made my own “rods” out of dowels and gaff tape and they did really well for those low volume applications. No reason to think this hack wouldn’t work too.

Good luck and let us know how it works.
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