Steve Maxwell Vintage Drums - Drum Tuning Seminar


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I love Steve. He is a master and I have learned a ton from him over the years. True, Steve sells drums but he is a salesman who really does know what he is talking about. No Bull from Steve. He will sell you what YOU really want based on your needs. This tuning video it proof.


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I love his tuning... after seeing one of his other youtube videos i started tuning my snares with the snare side low/batter high... have never been happier :)

Jeremy Bender

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I agree. His videos are enjoyable to watch as he's a fine player who gives the listener a good idea of what a particular drum's capabilities are acoustically.

His New York store is definitely on my 'must-see' list if I visit Manhattan.


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I have so far watched two of the three new (Aug2017) tuning videos. As always, every moment of a Steve Maxwell video is a treasure.

No need for "bots" or "dials". Just listen to Maxwell's simple advice for tuning a drum.