Steve Gadd Aja drum transcription

Hi Chaps,

I've managed to transcribe all of the Aja and Gaucho albums (drum Parts) i'm wanting to try and get into this professionally and would appreciate some feedback.

J x
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This is awesome! Thanks so much for doing this.

My only suggestions might be to separate it into sections and label them. Maybe even have some lyrical roadmaps above the notes that correlate to the time.

It can be hard to follow, especially when so much of it is repeated or easily confused with other parts.

Or maybe I'm just a terrible and lazy reader... :p

Spot on, nonetheless. Great job, seriously.
Hi ?uesto,

Thanks for the kinds words, and i shall be ammending it with your great suggestions
I'll let you know when it's done

Thanks J


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Keep up the good work. I'm a terrible reader so I can't comment on the accuracy but you have clearly put in a lot of very hard work. This might even inspire me to get over my reading issues and transcribe!
Just to let you all know, thanks for the feedback and thanks to your kind words and encouragement i've managed to land a transcription Job.

Thanks Again

Wilsonbangy x


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Can I just pitch in to say that I much prefer to see the Crash cymbal written as a note with a circle round it. I'd also like to see you move the Tom placements on the stave. The first two toms should appear above the Snare drum line (there are a few common variations beyond that).

Ghost notes are best shown in brackets too IMO.

Not sure about your use of the term "rim-shot" because the notation suggests "rim-click" to me. They're very different of course... Again I would say I prefer a rim-click to be written as a "diamond" note, but it can be done the way you have it. Looking at it again, you do have something down as "stick-click" - so maybe I am misunderstanding the rim-shot. Best to just show rim-shots as accents IMO.

All this makes it seem like I'm pulling your efforts to pieces, which is a shame! You've obviously done some serious work on this.