steve flyn of atheist


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anyone ever hear of a band called atheist?
I've loved them for years and wonder why modern tech death bands don't cite them as a major influence

this drummer is a NUT
he overplays like crazy but i love it

I want to make a cover video of this song someday ... (as soon as I can figure out the intro )


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For me. it was just a progression.. in the 80's it started with venom and kreator and trading cassettes.. then onward to death and hellhammer, and other bands.. i stopped listening about the time diecide (sp?) came around...

Funny thing is.. i listened to stuff like slayer and sodom before hearing sabbath.. after sabbath it was like WTF... these guys are WAY heavier than any of the death/speed metal.. and still a sabbath nut to this day :)


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I just like heavy music, especially technical heavy music, like The Dillinger Esc Plan, Meshuggah, Origin, Necrophagist, etc