Stefanie Eulinberg - Kid Rock Drummer


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Just got done watching Kid Rock Live at the Sturgis Rally in 2013. I know some of you may not be fans of his, but this is about his drummer Stefanie Eulinberg. I know there has already been a thread regarding female drummers, but this different.

I think you have to give her some real solid credit. When she started playing for KR, he was almost all straight up Rap and she handled it, now, well now I am not sure exactly where he falls as far as genres (Rap/Country/Rock/Pop), not sure he knows. But through all of the changes she has hung in their and adapted, pretty impressive.

In this concert, which is on you tube, she is impressive. KR had a lot of powerful musicians out there and back-up singers, etc., but in listening to it, I could feel she was still laying it down and driving the band. No doubt she is a powerful drummer and versatile drummer. If you do like KR you should check this out and one of the best female drummers out there today.
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She's a solid player but boy, I just can't get passed how horrible kid rock is. Unfortunately, I just fail to see or hear anything he does as relevant. He has no songs, no talent and is very confused as far as artistic vision is concerned. Of course, millions of othes obviously disagree as he has a booming career and I'm on my couch typing away!


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I tried but I couldn't handle it. For the few seconds I watched, it looked like 2 drummers and a turn table were providing beats, so I couldn't really pick out what you're getting at. Probably a great drummer, though... Didn't hear anything "out of place"...