Steal of the week?


I had a friend's band pick up a Truth Endorsement, which led to him selling his old rig. They're going out touring last month, and had some last minute expenses needed to make ends meet, and he sold all his old gear for dirt cheap. I ended up buying it from him earlier yesterday evening, all items listened/pictured below.

Pork Pie Little Squealer Shell Pack ("Custom painted" by the previous owner)
A Custom 14" Mastersound Hi-hats
17" A Custom Projection Crash
19" A Custom Crash
Tama Iron Cobra Two-leg Hi-hat stand
2 Tama double braced convertible boom stands
Tama Iron Cobra Double Kick Pedals
Tama double-braced snare stand

The hardware (save the hi-hat stand) is not pictured above, that was my existing hardware. 19" Crash also not shown. Not too crazy about the paint job either. Last picture included to show my ddrum pouting in the background, haha.

All of this for $350. I paid $150 down yesterday and took everything, and agreed to pay back the last $200 by the 28th

Steal of the week?


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$350? Are you kidding? Steal of the week for sure. I'd say you lucked-out, 'in spades.'


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Damn, I wish I had that kind of deal on even just cymbals around here, let alone.... well, crap lol

I'm extremely jealous.


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You might wanna make yourself hard to find for a while.... that guy is gonna want his stuff back when he comes down from whatever he's on....



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350.00 and no snare. What a rip off. Surely I jest. Great job and nice looking set.


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Super deal! I have those same little tables I bring to gigs. Hey is that floor wet? Tell me that's an illusion.


I'm still torn on the spades. If I DO keep them, I'd like to put a clear coat or something over them, and powdercoat the rims black.

And yeah - it snowed/rained profusely in the days preceding the purchase of that kid, and it overloaded my garage a bit, which is what led to my building a makeshift drum riser.