Starting to love Meinl all over again


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Man, these cymbals (the byzance bright ones SHIMMER) are getting me all over again.

When i bought my first kit for $500 it came with a 24" Zildjian ride (old, no writing, just a stamp) 14" zildjian hi hats ( i miss them, i think they were an older A series set, they were heavy but had such a nice glassy sound) and an 18" Meinl crash. All i remember is that it was a silver color, with red lettering and it was thin. I ended up cracking and breaking a chunk out of it. But it had the most explosive clear glassy shimmer, nice quick decay and an awesome swell when rolled with sticks or mallets (i took it to school at the time to use in band practice)

Due to my location there are no shops that stock them, up until i had a discussion with my main drum sales guy in town, i was telling him the same story and he admitted to thinking that meinl was a company that only made cheap disposable cymbals. I showed him a derek roddy video (Traumedy- Under the knife) where the cymbals just sound so good to me. ESPECIALLY the hats, which are the 13" Medium Brilliant Byzance hats....after the video he contacted a rep and ordered some in, i cant wait to try some out in person and add some to my collection. my 14" A custom master sound hats are sounding stale to me right now and that video has the sounds im looking for.

On another note, can anyone identify the silver cymbal i described in my little blurb? I expect itll be some cheap cymbal series, but i hope to find one somewhere just for the nostalgia of the whole thing lol.


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The Meinl Byzance series is indeed amazing.

As for your question; the only silver cymbals I can think of from Meinl are the Thomas Lang Generation-X cymbals, but they don't have red writing:


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No, Naigewron, Meinl actually had silver looking cymbals with red logos. I remember my school had one of those... and it sucked. But I'm glad I'm playing Meinl Byzance now. Best cymbals out there. :)

I think that the cymbal you're thinking of is either Raker, Profile, Dragon or Laser. All 70 and 80's cymbals.


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Dragon really rang a bell for me, gonna have to google it.

I know it probably sucks haha, i just remember it as the first cymbal sound that really popped for me, hell, maybe ill just hang it on a wall, but id love to find one haha


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You might be thinking of the Meinl N12 series, they had red logos and the N12 (nickel-silver) alloy does look a lot like silver.


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i really like some of meinl's rides man. i don't like the bright cymbals, but they are certainly getting much better quality wise now! much more reliable


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I have 13" byzance brilliant hats and they're fantastic. I also have a candela crash which has a red label and in some lights looks more silver than gold, its also glassy and washy. A very nice crash if you ever get the chance to check it out.