Starting Over.


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Hello all,

It's been a long 25 years but I'm thinking of getting my chops back. My drumming has never been too far away from thought but life got in the way and it's easy to make excuses once starting a business, family, golf and other things demand time.
My son saw some pictures of me rocking out so it's all the excuse I need once he said he'd like to try drumming.....

I seem to remember there was overall better quality readily available with the cheaper kits kicking around the sides. Today it seems the opposite, pay a ton for a great product but there's lots of mediocre kits on the floor ready for sale.

For now I'm at least 6 months away from a dedicated practice sound room so I'll pick up a pad and start practicing my rudiments...Love me a paradiddle.

I used to own a set of Ludwig maples with a mess of zildjians, goodness have they gotten expensive. But I do remember they were expensive at the time also. With the lead time I have I'm going to keep an eye out for a good used set or two and maybe piece together a nice package. Buying new seems a little pointless with so much popping up on the market, maybe there's an electronic revolution that I'm not aware of.

Anyway, great forum here, looking forward to hanging around....


Odd-Arne Oseberg

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There is supposed to be an electronic revolution around the corner. There's also some new low volume options.

Most cheap drum kits made today are decent. Money on is down and competition is fierce.


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Welcome to the forum! My situation is similar. I started back several years ago after a multi-decade hiatus. It took me about six months to really get to where I wanted to be skill wise but it was worth the work. I play regularly now and absolutely love it. As for drums, there are many many good choices out there for less money than before. I shopped around, played a ton of kits and bought what sounded best to me. Best of luck and happy drumming!


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Picking up drumming again after a long break is a common theme here.

Too bad you didn't keep your Ludwig/Zildjian setup - but too late now, I guess.
If drumming is in your blood, it'll come back with a little effort.


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Hey Paul, great that your getting back into drumming. I recently did the same thing last summer. I have practiced most days over the past six months for at least an hour. What amazes me, is that I am a better drummer now than I was ever before. I attribute this to the resources that are available today on the web. For instance, I was able to explore different foot techniques on the kick-drum, mollier technique, and a much better understanding and application of stickings to create great sounding fills. At the same time I got my 4 year son involved, so its something we do together as well and lovin' it.

All the best Paul, enjoy!!



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Thanks for the encouragement, it'll be a blast....again. I have no illusions about being in rough shape but the reality is it's the journey that counts not the destination.