Starclassic Cream Colored heads

Hey all, I am looking to possibly put my band's name on a Starclassic head, specifically the cream colored one (I think many of the Bubinga/Birch kits come with this head). I am looking to know two things about it:

1. Is there a "grit" on it like there is on a snare head? Or is it super smooth like a typical black bass drum reso head?

2. Anyone know if its possible to take off the "TAMA" logo using rubbing alcohol or something else? It's super picky, but I want the head to have the Starclassic stamp at the bottom, but I don't want the massive TAMA lettering dominating the head when my band name is right below it.

Any help would be appreciated. Especially by those who own this head and know for sure (about the "grit")


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The "grit" is called coating, and no, there would be no coating on the resonant head.

As for removing a TAMA logo that isn't possible. You will have to buy a new resonant head from your local music store. They are usually only 30-60$.
Hope I have helped!