Stanton Moore NOLA Drum Camp


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Hi all, longtime lurker but I haven't posted much. Apologies up front if this is the wrong place for this, but I didn't want to just post outright in the classifieds since this is a bit of a unique situation. I booked a seat a few weeks ago for Stanton Moore's New Orleans drum camp in mid-December, but due to a recent back injury (non-drumming related) I'm unable to fly for several months (I live in Pennsylvania). The $250 deposit for the camp is non-refundable, and I don't want to see the entire seat be vacant, so I thought I would post here and see if there's any interest in the camp. Obviously I'm not expecting to see my 250 dollars again, but I hate to see it go completely to waste, and if I'm able to recoup any of it, then all the better. I've tried all of my local musicians and none of them are interested, so I thought I'd try DW and see if there's any response here.

If you're interested in the camp at all, please post here or PM me for details--you can find complete details on Stanton's page ( I've already verified that the seat is transferable, so I'd just have to let the booking company that someone else would be going in my place, and they'll verify with the new participant. The total price is $750 (less the $250 I already spent), and there are some equipment requirements (practice kit, throne, etc.), but I'd rather see someone go at a discounted rate than for the seat to go completely to waste. I'm gutted about not being able to go, but I'm not really willing to put the rest of my life/career at risk by exacerbating the injury, either, and my orthopedist was very firm that under no circumstances can I spend 5 hours upright in coach on an airplane.

Thanks for reading!