Stanton Moore in the Zildjian Live is so groovy!!


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whatever happened to his Crescent line of cymbals. He's playing Zildjian now.

Funny you ask - I met Stanton Moore at NAMM years ago and it all happened because of his crazy cymbal journey.

We happened to be in the lunch line together and I was so stoked because I just signed with Bosphorus : at the time they were promoting his signature line, etc. so I took the oppurtunity to say "Hey man - I just signed with Bosphorus and I'm going to pick up some of you cymbals! look at me go!" haha - and he was SO nice when he informed me that he he had actually just left Bosphorus to start Crescent Cymbals and took me over to the booth haha.

So him and Jeff Hamilton - these ex Bosphorus folks - started Crescent cymbals. edit: Drummers Michael Vosbein and Bill Norman also started it with them.

Those eventually got purchased by Sabian - who has the Crescent line.

And now - Stanton announced that he is playing with Zildjian - I'm sure there will be some kind of "New Orleans" line that comes from it.

So you can get one of his "Pang Thangs" from Bosphorus (now called the Groove Series and that cymbals [with the HUGE hammer marks] is called the Dirty Crash.

Or you can the Crescent line from Sabian - Which seems to have removed some of the Stanton Moore cymbals - and now focus on the Jeff Hamilton signature cymbals.

And I'm sure we'll see a line coming from Zildjian.

Crazy! (Now he just needs a Paiste line haha)

Here's a page from his website where he demos the Sabian cymbals (which don't seem to be available any longer) - probably fun to watch these official Sabian videos before they disappear!: