Stanton Moore here

Ramtin HajatDoust

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Dear Stanton,

Hope you are fine.

After you arranged the better places for the microphones on your kit, arrange the Gain for gets the Maximum peak(without clip or distortion) of them without attention to the leakages, or you use the Gain for Minimum leakages and use the ambiance sounds in your mix when you record in your studio?

Best Regards,
Ramtin HajatDoost
Tehran - Iran


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Hey Stanton,
I was wondering if you had any clinics in St. Louis scheduled for this year.
Unfortunately I missed the last one...
I'm a big fan of your drumming, and would love to see a clinic!


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Oh, jeez and hallelujah.

To think until 1 year ago I had no idea who Stanton Moore was. Last night saw him with band Garage a Trois and I now believe Moore to be the best drummer I have ever seen play. Probably one of the best on this planet too. Crushing, delicate, fun, inspiring are just words that come to mind about his playing.

Wow. Just speechless. Forget about Neil Peart..


Been watching a lot of Stanton on YouTube recently and the man is a groove machine particularly love Sprung Monkey , haven't watched one video without my jaw hanging open ! Really talented drummer easily the best around .


I have discovered Stanton myself recently after my tutor recommended I check him out. Such an amazing drummer, I'll definitely have to get one of his books or dvds.


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So say one might be considering attending a Galactic show soon, would there be a good online video representation of what to expect at such an outing?


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Got back after his clinic at Ellis Drum Shop in St. Paul.

Great clinic. He took a sticking and showed tons of uses and variations of that one sticking (RLRRLRRLRRLRRLRL) along with the history of it.

I bought his Groove Alchemy DVD talked to him for a few seconds and got it signed.

Also, Stanton is shorter than my shoulders.


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I was completely unfamiliar with Mr. Moore before Sunday, he was one of those guys I "meant to get around to checking out".

I caught a clinic at Chops Percussion / Paige's Music here in Indianapolis and he blew me away!

What a musical cat. Just a sheer pleasure to watch the man work. I found myself humming a bassline to myself to accompany him during most of his playing.

The history lesson and Q&A were very fun, too. Not so many basic questions like many clinics I've attended. (Folks, read the FAQ on your drum hero's site BEFORE going to the clinic!!!) I got to ask a few questions and he's an informative and funny guy to boot. Thanks for hosting him, Chops!

Galactic was going on late for their set at the Vogue so I elected not to go, but I got his "Groove Alchemy" book/CD set and I cannot wait to tear into it.

Joe Morris

Hey Stanton its Joe Morris. You and I have spoken briefly, very briefly LOl at Namm. Hey man I am just reaching out because your coming to Phoenix in the next few weeks and I was hoping finally we can hook up. I want to come to the show and hang if your into it or if you get in town and want to check out the Conservatory of Recording and do some playing or whatever man. let me know. It would be my pleasure.


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just spent two days watching three stanton dvds - again. is this cat the coolest on the planet? probably.

his kit is a playground.

i'm going to listen to his albums on the way to my gig tonight and i'm going to give tonight a gumbo flavah.

Swiss Matthias

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Dear Stanton

I didn't know you are on Drummerworld, how cool is this! I wanted to say I've been
thoroughly enjoying your book Groove Alchemy for some years, thanks for writing
this and putting all together! I've never seen anything so insightful when it comes
to the heart and history of funk drumming!

Now I've got a question:
Which exercise or other kind of training/experience do you feel helped you the most
in becoming very accurate in keeping time and being tight?


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Doesn't appear that he's participating anymore, but for those of you in the Boston area, I see that he is doing a clinic on Friday April 12 over at 247Drums. I'm planning to go there and then catch the Galactic show over at House of Blues. Should be fun.