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If you missed Stanton Moore's recent clinic tour, you can catch some video excerpts from his clinic in Nashville, TN, currently airing this week on Drummer Cafe TV.

Special thanks to Stanton for giving the Drummer Cafe exclusive video coverage of the clinic. And thanks to Gretsch Drums and Fork's Drum Closet for making the clinic happen.

If you get a chance, try to see Stanton in clinic or live performance; you'll be glad you did. Also, be watching for his soon-to-be-released DVD/CD, Groove Alchemy.


I've just ordered the Groove Alchemy DVD and Book/CD, after listening to previews and clips from youtube and Stanton's site. Great stuff, I'm really digging his style!

I'm looking forward to receive the stuff :)


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I am ashamed to say that I have just discovered Stanton for myself and am blown away by his style! I am a new fan!!!


Don't be ashamed, we cannot possibly know every good drummer out there! ;)


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I hear ya.. I am really diggin his rock solid approach to funk styles! WOW!

Funky Crêpe

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Hey Stanton,
Thought I would pose this question if you ever have the time to reply to it. On the song " Stanton hits the bottle", how did you come up with the whole bottle idea?? Because they are obviously of a certain tone, you did'nt just pick up random bottles from the night before!...or did you?

Very interesting take to a groove, and sounds great man.

All the best,


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Stanton is definitely a well grounded drummer in terms of the style he fits into. A very confident player he knows what he's good at and does it very well. Really into the who second line and funk stuff he plays, those cowbell/pandeiro grooves are impressive and the sticking techniques, seriously I've been messing around with them myself, they really work and improve your grooves 100%.

Thinking of picking up his dvd/books on the new orleans stuff and maybe groove alchemy, right now he's my favourite player without a doubt, he's influenced me as much as Buddy Rich has at this point. Phenomenal drummer, very underrated.

Stanton Moore

Hello everyone, thanks for all the ongoing support. I just wanted to take a minute and reply to some of the specific questions posted here.

Sorry if 've been slow to respond, I've been working a lot lately but am trying to get caught up.

From Bosphorus... On the song " Stanton hits the bottle", how did you come up with the whole bottle idea?? Because they are obviously of a certain tone, you did'nt just pick up random bottles from the night before!...or did you?

I came up with the groove by first mis-interpreting then "Garibaldi-zing" Zigaboo's groove to Cissy Strut. I explain how I developed this in detail in Groove Alchemy. I then split the hands up on two empty vodka bottles and one beer bottle. I had one engineer hold the two vodka bottles over my rack tom while another engineer held the beer bottle to the left of my hi hat. We found the bottles that day.

From RodneyZepa...In your opinion, The Gretsch Renown (2008) Kits 22x20 12x18 16x16 6.5x14...Is this considered a Pro or Sem-Pro Kit.?.
Is their Bosphorous that would add to my sound...I'd prerfer 15" Hats 21" Ride and 20" Crash..Any help or advise would be appreciated...

The Renown kit is a great kit. It is pro level at a more affordable price. I play them often at festivals and in clinic.
I would suggest going somewhere to hear some Bosphorus cymbals, or you could invite buddies over to bring their cymbals as well. I've learned a lot by having many cymbal "hangs" and listening to and comparing cymbals with my drummer buddies.
I will be introducing 15" hats to my signature line soon as I've been using some custom 15's my self. I'm confident you will dig Boshporus once you give them a good listen.

From Latin Groover... Stanton or anyone else, I was wondering what crash you are using on your right side that you use in the first half of this video?

That is a proto type to my signature pang thang.

Thanks for the ongoing support. Keep the questions coming. you can also visit my forum at as well. sm

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Thanks for the reply Stanton. Sounds pretty cool, must get that DVD, has been on my list for a while
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I heard a live version of Gossip(on XM),and was floored by your drumsound.
The station gave no details as to when or where this was recorded.I know it's a long shot,
but I'd like to know what snare you may have used on that live recording.Was it possibly
your Gretch signature snare, or your own company signature snare? Either way I love that snare sound.(and the drumming too!)


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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to make people aware that Stanton Moore will be pulling two short clinic tours through California and Florida in August!

Dates are below!

08/10/10 San Francisco, CA California Percussion
08/11/10 Los Angeles, CA Jim's Music Center
08/12/10 Los Angeles, CA West LA Music
08/14/10 San Pedro, CA Alva's Music
08/16/10 Davis, CA Watermelon Music
08/24/10 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Resurrection Drums hosting and being held at the Bienes Center
08/25/10 Seminole, FL Seminole Music
08/26/10 Orlando, FL Drums 2 Go
08/27/10 Tampa, FL All Pro Percussion


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I will be in the store early when he comes to Seminole with my cameras in hand.


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Hey Stanton. This is more a New Orleans question than a drumming question. I was watching Treme last night and was glad to see your cameo in the series. I think it is a great series (I am a fan of The Wire and I also spent some time in New Orleans in 2002). I was wondering what you thought of the series and whether you found it to be an honest portrail of what happened in New Orleans after Katrina. I love New Orleans and I am going to return sometime over the next few years if I can save enough money to fly over from the UK. I hope to see you play when I am there.


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Yay Stanton! Your DVD and books have been really helpful for me. Thanks for all the great information. It's a nice distillation of the New Orleans tradition. Keep it coming.


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I hate to come up and ask a "what's your setup" question - BUT - I'm really digging what you have going on the floor. Specifically, the pedals for the outboard bass, as well as the bell. So... what's the config?



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Grrove Alchemy - sound of the recording - room problems?

First I am a huge fan of both Stanton and well recorded music. That is why I offer this constructive criticism of how the new album sounds.
Given the picture in the sleeve it appears these gentleman recorded live in a room together - which is to be applauded. However there is what I assume is a huge problem with the room that accentuates the hell out of the mid bass. It affects everything the low toms, the bass , the piano, the organ etc. Wasn't this heard in the room or on playback? Was it mixed with headphones? Were the monitors crappy and/or in a crappy listening area? Maybe this sound is preferred for some reason? Was it mixed for listening in a car?

Stanton please study up on room/ sound interface characteristics and find someone who can help with this problem. I recommend Ethan Winer (No affiliation) but there are many other people you can see.

(Before anyone suggests it is my system etc let me offer that my system and room are set up well. Not the best but well. I know where the nodes are etc. With some properly placed absorption and a little DSP I handle the nodes and reflections pretty well and can hear it as well as see it using test programs on my laptop)