Stanton Moore here


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Thanks - I was thinking metal but then I found out Stanton plays a small birdseye maple drum most of the time.

I actually just got the Pork Pie Big Black, going to see how the depth affects the character of the ring. Eventually I'll need to get a 4x14. Just hard to convince my wife that I need three snares :p
haha I get ya. Of course I'm too young to be married, but I can understand. Well, you can always find something great used and cheap if you dig deeper. Take a look at some used snares you wouldn't normally, and you are sure to find something surprising. I found a 13x3 pearl maple piccolo for $85. I also found a brass dixon snare, with an upgraded high end Pearl strainer, 14x4 for $80. Weighs like 10 lbs.


Hey, Stanton,

I saw you and Galactic in Australia, and I just gotta say, you guys were groovin'! Why don't you come down here for the AUDW this year?

Thanks for sharing the groove around



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The new Stanton Moore album came out today. I skipped class and ran 30 miles away to pick it up--the last one. I was so psyched, listened to it all the way home. It's got some sweet tunes, one of them Robert Walters plays a children's piano on it, sounds sweet.

I suggest you all go buy it.


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I had the pleasure of playing in a band that opened for his trio in Cleveland a couple of years ago, and he was using Gretsch USA's. He is an awesome player and a really nice guy. I took one for the band that night...


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Great show last night at the Emerald Lounge in Asheville, NC. Awesome playing and new album. Thanks for a great show.



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Hey everyone,
I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Stanton during May of 2006 in Albany, New York during an SM Trio tour. When my friend and I spoke to him after the show, he was very open and easy to talk to about basically anything - the DVDs and book, his technique, his practice habits, something he had played that night, etc.

I think his development and rise in the drum community over the past few years as a drummer and an educator has really blown open the door for New Orleans drumming which is a fantastic style, rich with the heritage of one of the greatest cities in the world. He's also blown open the door for lesser known New Orleans and Jam drummers like Raymond Weber, Joe Russo and of course, the iconic Johnny Vidacovich.

I know that personally his influence has opened up a new level of my style, helping me learn to apply stickings in new, refreshing ways and really opening up the style of linear drumming.

I honestly can't wait to see what's to come from all of his projects, especially Garage A Trois with Marco Benevento. That album is going to be blow-the-doors-off funky and if Benevento's presence is any indicator, unique as hell.



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I've got to say, great clinic last night (technically last night, Thursday night). Surprisingly few people actually showed up, which was disappointing, but I guess that made it better in a sense that it seemed more intimate. I was the skinny guy wearing the Spamalot shirt - I'm Not Dead Yet.


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I wanted to thank you for putting on an awesome clinic in Seattle last night. And, thanks for sticking around afterward to sign stuff and talk with us fans even though you had to be on stage in a half hour... that was really cool. I hope you made it downtown on time!

You had mentioned during the clinic a lot of bands and drummers that influenced you. I'd really like to start expanding my musical horizons and I'd like to listen to more drummers who play in between the cracks. Would you mind posting some of your top picks of albums to immerse myself in?

Thanks again,



I've got to say, great clinic last night (technically last night, Thursday night). Surprisingly few people actually showed up, which was disappointing, but I guess that made it better in a sense that it seemed more intimate. I was the skinny guy wearing the Spamalot shirt - I'm Not Dead Yet.
Yeah Stanton I was at the clinic too. I was the kid who asked you about your effect cymbal and if it was available in other sizes. Also I was talking about Bonham! I had a great time and had no idea that so little people would show up. Great job Stanton!



I have recently just "discovered" Stanton Moore's music....good stuff.
I knew about Galactic, so naturally that led to buying his solo albums. One of the real treats for me was the modern approach to New Orleans drumming. I love being able to incorporate the grooves Stanton lays down on his dvd's.

I deeply regret that I was deployed, so I was unable to see galactic perform in Washington last fall.

I will catch them eventually.


I really enjoyed the Stanton Moore interview; have checked out his website and found that next month Galactic is playing in a club about 90 minutes from where I live. I am finding that I like his solo stuff more than the Galactic stuff... you guys that have seen him does he play any of his solo stuff with Galactic? Im just trying to to justify the 90 minute drive home at 2AM... help me.
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Stanton Moore is an awesome player.

Just wanted to point out that Modern Drummer has an article up on them in the March 2010 issue. I haven't gotten the chance to read it yet, but looks awesome.

I enjoy how his style isn't quite like anyone else's.


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Hello Stanton...Don't know if you"ll get this but, In your opinion, The Gretsch Renown (2008) Kits 22x20 12x18 16x16 6.5x14...Is this considered a Pro or Sem-Pro Kit.?. Either way, This kit is phenomenal..I've used this set up for a year gigging and recording and have never had anyone say anything negative about it except deep kick which doesn't bother me...I'm using Zildjians(ZBT 14" lower hat on top with Sabian B lower on bottom)
20" Armand Ride and Paiste 18" Crash..Assorted Zildjans as wel..In $1000 price range, Is their Bosphorous that would add to my sound...I'd prerfer 15" Hats 21" Ride and 20" Crash..Any help or advise would be appreciated...Thank you...This coming from Dude crashing from..Uhmm..opiate dependence...Life long struggle but my drums make my life exciteable...Peace Bro...You are the greaest...RS...