Standard mesh heads on Roland TD-1DMK series.


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I noticed double mesh heads factory mounted on the Roland TD-1DMK are unbeliavebly expensive. The 6" heads are about $55 and the 8" for the snare about $34...

Is it possible to mount standard mesh heads (perhaps single layer, starting at about $10...)? Would it affect the set behaviour in any way? What would be the difference?

Such prices simply seem to be a nonsense...
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Fritz Frigursson

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What do you mean by that? They look like normal heads under the hoop.
the white rim is attached to the head itself, there's no collar like a normal drum head. You can use your own mesh heads on more expensive models ilke the TD25/27/30/50, but not with the PDX6 and 8 pads.


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After seeing this, it looks like there are different designs depending on when it was made. I think the new, thinner ones are with the integrated head.
If desperate, you can find the old-style white rings on ebay and ali... Not really worth it, unless you have a cat or something.
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