Stand for a 8" deep snare


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Could someone recommend a manufacturer that makes a snare stand that accomodates a 8" deep snare? Up until now, I've been using a cobbled together "hybrid" stand that works, but it's on it's last leg...

Most "regular" stands don't go down low enough to allow a snare height that I'm comfortable with.


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You can usually take the set screw out of the base and remove the leg assembly, cut a couple inches off the tube then put the leg assembly back on.


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I've got the gibraltar one, works perfect for one up one down, between my two kicks. Had to cut it down as well though to get my tom low enough, and I've also just built an 8 inch deep snare (posted in the drums part of the forum). So I may do more cutting if I decide to make it my main snare. for now it'll be side, and I may do what the previous poster here suggested and cut the stand its on.


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I use a 9" deep snare and just flatten the legs way down on my snare stands. Don't use anything particularly special.


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I have a Ludwig double-braced snare stand that goes low enough to accommodate a 14x10 snare with wood hoops that I use. There is no indication of series, model number, or anything other than "Ludwig" on it. I know this doesn't help, but keep your eyes open for any brands, even the cheaper ones, as long as they meet your criteria.

Hacking an existing stand, like Tard mentioned, is a good alternative, too. Just make sure you don't hack off so much that you can't fold the legs back up.


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Thanks for the responses. If push comes to shove, I may have to cut a stand down and I have no problem with doing that. I wanted to see if someone made a stand designed for deeper snares. Garvin, I've tried that but unfortunately I encounter a problem when I spread the legs as far down as they can go - it interferes with my double pedals. I keep them relatively close together.

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I have a pearl s1000d but I know that the mapex snare stand will do it too. I'm not sure of the exact model but I went and tried out a 14x8 brady snare and they set it up on a mapex saturn with mapex hardware, I was able to set it up nice and low, no problems.